Northpoint Select Bakeware has been supplying industrial bakeware non-stick coatings to the industrial bakery sector for over 25 years.

We’ve developed an industry proven way of working with our customers to ensure that the quality & performance of their bakeware improves their performance. The system we’ve developed involves understanding what your requirements are and offering a tailored solution for your bakeware needs.

Northpoint Select Bakeware Story

Northpoint has supplied bakeware non-stick coating application services for over 25 years to a wide range of customers and customer types. Around five years ago we decided to cut out the middle man and offer our bakeware coatings directly to the end-customer in order to provide the benefits of direct supply, ensuring that the value we added was given directly to the customer.

We recognised that each industrial bakery and baking process is different, therefore we needed to create a solution that was customisable to each and every end user. Our experienced team developed a suit of non-stick industrial bakeware coating solutions.

Through research and development we found that some bakers had experienced similiar problems and had issues to overcome. We have developed a family of non-stick coatings each able to be modified so that the unique bakery and bakery process could be addressed.

Today we have a standard range of coatings that are adaptable but each with a track record, so we can say with confidence the level of quality that our customers can expect from the Northpoint Select Bakeware non-stick coating system. Contact our team for more information on our industrial bakeware solutions.

Re-Coating & Refurbishment of Existing Equipment

Northpoint offers a re-coating service for your used bakeware – our experts will remove the old coating and any contamination, and re-coat your bakeware with an appropriate release coating system. We also offer an optional extra where your bakeware can be re-blocked into its original shape.

If you would like any further information on our extensive range of industrial bakeware non-stick coating services, or for a bespoke quote please contact us today. Our team has a range of industry knowledge and expertise and are happy to help with any enquiries. All of Northpoint Select’s Bakeware¬†non-stick coatings are¬†supplied with a food safety certificate.